"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare - IP54

"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare - IP54
"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare - IP54
"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare - IP54
"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare - IP54
"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare - IP54
"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare - IP54

Product Details:

  • Brand:Ecowards
  • Serial Number: HB-CE100W
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Certificate:TUV, CE, RoHS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 100pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:4-5 weeks or to be negotiated
  • Payment Method:T/T
  • Package Details:1 piece/carton, carton size L312*W312*H260mm
  • Ability to Supply:50,000pcs / month
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"Comfy ECO" - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT -100W - Low Glare UGR<19 - IP54

-----"Comfy ECO" a cost-effective solution for comfortable lighting to industrial workplaces-----

This series high bay LED fixtures bring together a modern design with dependable performance, maximum functionality and superior energy efficiency to address the needs of modern industrial facilities. Developed specifically to meet the most demanding specification criteria in high bay and low bay applications, this series embraces a modular design that facilitates application flexibility in addition to superior performance, efficiency and reliability. With a choice of lumen packages and superior light distribution control, these high bay lights are applicable to a range of applications including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, retail stores, order fulfillment centers, and exhibition halls.

High quality LEDs combined with superior thermal management and load regulation allow the light engine to deliver high flux density and luminous efficacy as well as exceptional quality of light throughout the fixture's long rated service life.


Product Features

  • ✔ Low Glare - UGR<19 (Unified Glare Rating) to bring comfortable lighting environment to the industries
  • ✔ High Brightness - with luminous efficacy of 140 lm/w this LED High Bay Light has 14000 Lumens output at daylight white 5000K
  • ✔ Reliable Driver - integrated constant current LED driver that features a high power factor (PF) and a low total harmonic distortion (THD). The driver is equipped with over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit output protections to protect the LEDs against adverse effect of abnormal electrical conditions. The driver is also protected against line surges and over-temperature faults
  • ✔ Dimming - to maximize energy efficiency and facilitate lighting control, the driver offers a complete range of dimming solutions, with both stand-alone and network protocols which including 0-10V, PWM, phase control and DALI. Optional integration with occupancy sensors further increase the energy savings
  • ✔ High Quality PC Cover - made from brand Mistubishi material with high light tranmittance
  • ✔ Large Lighting Surface - LEDs distributed evenly on the big lighting surface and delivers even and comfortable light
  • ✔ Corossion Proof - polyester powder coated finish for anti-crossion
  • ✔ Long Lifespan - 50,000 hours long life reduce the re-lamping cost and frequency thus saving multiple replacement cost of short life high bay lights
  • ✔ Warranty 5 Years - robust raw materials are used and therefore we are confident to offer a long time warranty to users
  • ✔ Easy Installation - The fixture can be bracket, chain, cable or stem mounted



Model No. HB-CE100W
Power 100W±5%
Input Voltage AC200-240V, 50-60Hz
Power Factor >0.95
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
CRI Ra 83
LED Chip Brand Lumileds
LED Driver Self-developed
Luminous Efficacy 140 lm/w
Lumen 14,000 lm ±5%
Beam Angle 120°
Dimming Non dimming for standard (dimming options includes 0-10V, Dali, PWM)
IP Rating (Ingress Protection) IP54
IK Rating (Impact Resistance) IK08
Lifespan 50,000H
Working Temperature -20~+50℃
Storage Temperature -20~+65°C
Working Humidity 15% ~ 90% RH
Installation Type Ceiling, wall, hook, cable hanging
Material Aluminum+ PC
Product Net Weight 2.8 kg
Gross Weight / Carton 4.0 kg
Qty / Carton 1 piece
Carton Size 530*375*150mm
Qty / 20GP Container 850 pcs
Qty / 40HQ Container 2200 pcs
Optional Accessories Mounting bracket, hanging cable






















Both Comfy PRO and Comfy ECO are modular designs, and they have some advantages in common: 

  1. This high bay light series is modular design, one module has one power supply, assuming that one module is broken, other modules can work normally. It’s featured with long life, thus helps save time and cost on maintenance. If one module breaks down, the remaining modules still work. To ensure that there is still light shining, so that it will not suddenly become dark in this work area.
  2. The heat dissipation is very good, and the temperature is much lower than other high bays, so the life of the lamps will be more guaranteed. A guest shared with us a case that was used in a garbage disposal plant with a lot of dust. They tried many types of high bays, after a month or two of trial installation, it will be broken soon. There is no such problem when they change to this high bay, since there is a gap between modules, and the aluminum on the back is flat, which is not easy to accumulate dust, and the side of our profile can dissipate heat as well.
  3. Due to low glare UGR < 19, the light is uniform and makes the working places more comfortable. In many factories, the machines are operating with display screens, and this series high bays will not bring light spots on the screen after they are installed, which will not affect the work of the staffs. This is also the feedback we received from the guests.
  4. Optional functions: dimming, emergency, sensor 
  5. Mounting options:
  • ceiling mounted by bracket
  • suspended mounted by wire rope
  • wall mounted by adjustable bracket
  • hook mounting

Comfy PRO has the following advantages over Comfy ECO, which is also the differences between them: 

  1. The structure of Comfy PRO is IP66, IK10, and Comfy ECO is IP54, IK08. Comfy PRO is heavier and stronger, suitable for more using environments.
  2. Comfy PRO is a splicable design. Customers can purchase modules and splicing accessories, for example, can only purchase modules of 50W. If 100W lamp is needed, then 2 modules can be spliced; 3 modules for 150W. Customers can DIY splice according to the needs of the project. This is a favorite point for engineering users, and there is no need for every power to be in stock. The length of the modules can also be customized to 1.2m/ 1.5m/ 1.8m as well. 

    Comfy ECO is not splicable design since the lampshade is inseparable as a whole.

In general: 

Comfy PRO is sturdy, durable and high value-added; at present, mainly to the engineering direction, our customers have installed and applied to many projects such as, warehouse, workshop, sport center, factory, supermarket, etc. Last year, we also combined with Seoul's Sunlike technology (lamp beads) for agricultural plant lighting; 

Compfy ECO is lighter, ultra-high performance-to-price ratio, price advantage, retail customers are more likely to choose this model. Since a lot of HIGH BAYs are actually used indoor, the protection level of IP54 is completely adequate.

Dimension Drawing


Mounting Options


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